What is the essence of TLE in our daily life? Is technology important?  Technology is fast changing. Development and innovation makes the world exciting.  New inventions are virtually introduced every day.  Nowadays technology is not a want, but a need that we have to provide because it is included in almost all aspects of our lives. The importance of technology is to provide comfort of use in whichever it is. It makes our work lighter and easier.

Let cite telephone as an example. With the use of telephone, communication is not a problem because anyone can connect and speak to someone using this technology anytime and anywhere. Telephone makes the conversation meaningful and easy to understand. Computer is another technology that is intended to compute but eventually turn into device that can perform number of operations per second. Using this electronic machine students can do research in all topics assigned to them and even personal browsing to learn new ideas about education, business, sports, lifestyle, and, culture. Another technology is cellular phone. Cellphone is probably the technology that students want to have because of its interesting features and applications.  With this technology, information can spread as fast as the usual. People are addicted of having one because they can use it as dictionary whenever they want look for a meaning of a word, they can take photos and videos as well, they can also use in Mathematics and Physics as calculator, and even listening to their favorite radio station. Aside from that, they can also join the discussion of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

What is the essence of TLE in our daily life? Is livelihood important? Livelihood is a way of earning subsistence.  Technology and Livelihood Education subject can give students a source of money to earn a decent living. Let site Dressmaking Course as an example. With this course graduates can apply as sewer in a factory or they can even build their own business if they want. Electrical Installation and Maintenance can assure graduates to get job to support their needs in a business entity as an electrician or even a simple electrician in their barangay. Commercial Cooking can build the confidence of the graduates in engaging into small scale business like carinderia and restaurant in the future. With Housekeeping, students can know basic techniques in keeping houses spic-and-span. In consumer Electronics Servicing, learners can repair domestic appliances like electric fan, washing machine, and flat iron. In Computer Hardware Servicing, graduates can be a computer technician in an office or even at school.  With Food Processing and Fish Processing, students can engage into selling processed fish like bagoong, tinapa, and daing na isda in their community.  They can also deliver processed foods like strawberry jam and dried mango. With these livelihoods, graduates can be confident in facing the future,

TLE is very essential in our daily life.  Without it, life can be very frustrating. TLE is everywhere. Life revolves around technology and livelihood to support existence.  Every single act is accompanied by such invention and work. People should know how to use technology as an advantage to facilitate work and livelihood to sustain life and health.